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Cover page Fath al-Bari by Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani

al-Hafidh Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani explains how to understand Hadith an-Nuzul

Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, while explaining one of the versions of the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, sometimes referred to as hadith an-Nuzul (and which would give the impression that God descends on Earth every night, in his book Fath al-Bari, volume 3, page 23 (you would find pages 22 and […]

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Cover page Rawdat at-Taalibeen

Imam an-Nawawi explains that delaying the embracing of Islam of a non-Muslim is blasphemy

Imam an-Nawawi said, in his book Rawdat at-Taalibeen, volume 7 page 289: If a non-Muslim asks a Muslim to be invited into Islam, and that [Muslim] says  ‘We’ll see’, or ‘Wait until tomorrow‘, or if this non-Muslim asks a person delivering a speech to be invited to Islam, and that person answers ‘Sit until the […]

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Page title of Tabyin Kadhib al-Muftari by Ibn Asakir to defend al-Ashari

Imam Ibn Asakir explains the belief of Imam Ashari: God exists without a place

In his book dedicated to Imam al-Ashari and entitled Tabyin Kadhib al-Muftari fima nusiba ila l-imam al-Ash’ari, Imam Ibn Asakir said, p.150: Also, the ‘Najjariyyah’ say that the Creator, may He be exalted, is in all places without being diffused and without a direction, whereas the ‘Hashawiyyah’ and the ‘Mujassimah’ say that He is present […]

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Title page of Sharh Sahih Muslim by an-Nawawi volume 6

Imam an-Nawawi interprets hadith an-Nuzul (the hadith whose apparent meaning would be that God descends)

Imam an-Nawawi wrote a commentary of the collection of hadith of Imam Muslim. When he reaches the prayer chapter, and he has to explain the hadith whose apparent meaning is that Allah descends during the third part of the night, and which starts with ‘Yanzilu Rabbuna ila s-samaa’i d-dunya“, he says, volume 6, page 279: […]

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Interior title of Rawdat at-Taalibeen by an-Nawawi page 7

Imam an-Nawawi explains that the one who says ‘There is no god but Allah, who lives in the sky’ does not become a believer

Imam an-Nawawi said, in his chapter on apostasy (ar-Riddah), in volume 7 page 303: The one who says ‘There is no god but the one who lives in the sky’ does not become a Muslim, as is the case if he says ‘There is no god but Allah, who lives in the sky, because ‘inhabiting’ is […]

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