Powerful reminder from Imam al-Kawthari: Islamic belief does not change when people change

Title page of the maqalatPage 400 from Maqalat al Kawthari

In his book Maqalat al-Kawthari, Imam Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari said, on page 400, 2nd paragraph (Click here to read  the whole article in Arabic as a PDF ):

“Now we are going to discuss the book [entitled] Kitab as-Sunnah, and this is a warning of the Muslims against what is inside [that book] in terms of misguidance, because it may happen that some laymen be deceived when hearing the name of the author’s father. [Explanation: Kitab as-Sunnah is a book apparently written by the son of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal.  It contains a lots of serious statements of misguidance,  and this translated paragraph is at the beginning of the article that al-Kawthari dedicates to the study of this book.  For example, in that book, it is mentioned that the term ‘istiwa’ does not have any other meaning than that of ‘julus’ (i.e. sitting, even though a quick glance at any Arabic dictionary will reveal the fact that ‘istiwa’ has several meanings, as you can see in the Glossary), that supposedly Allaah will sit on the Kursi, and that a creaking sound will be heard, that Allaah would have spoken to Prophet Musa ‘with His lips’ ((a’udhu billaah!), that Allaah would have written the Tawrah while leaning on a rock and that the sound of the pen could be heard (a’udhu billaah!), that Allaah would have touched Adam, and more similar blasphemous statements! End of explanation] . But blasphemy is blasphemy whoever the person who pronounces it is [al-kufr kufr kaa’inan man kaana an-Naatiq bihi], and misguidance is misguidance, whatever its source.  There is not, in Islam, a belief that changes when people change. Indeed, faith is faith in an absolute way, and blasphemy is blasphemy in an absolute way [wa laysa fi-l islaami deen yakhtalif bi-ikhtilaaf al-ash-khaas, fa-l’imaan imaan mutlaqan, wa l-kufr kufr mutlaqan].

Points to remember from this quote:

  • Imam Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari was the assistant of the last caliph of the Muslims ( the caliphate ended in 1922-1924).  He was a  great Hanafi scholar who was considered by some as the mujaddid (i.e. the ‘Reviver’ of Islam) of the previous century. He was born in 1296 AH and died in 1371 AH, i.e. about 60 yearss ago.
  • In his book  Maqalat al-Kawthari he wrote several articles against the anthropomorphists. This quote is from the article entitled “Kitab yusamma kitab as-sunnah wa huwa kitab az-Zaygh” which means  “The book entitled Kitab as-Sunnah when [truly] it is the book of misguidance”. In this article, he gives a list of all the incorrect beliefs described in this book in the name of Islam. To read the full article in Arabic, click here: the full article in PDF.
  • Before starting his study, he reminds us of an important rule: the religion of Islam does not change when people change. The website sunnism.wordpress.com is entirely geared towards showing clearly that the belief that Allaah is in a direction using as a so-called proof verses such as  ar-Rahman ‘ala arshi stawa,  or believing that
    Allaah has organs different from our organs, has always been considered as  blasphemy, ever since the time of the Salaf. On top of that,  there is on this website a fatwa from al-Azhar from about 80 years ago, which declares that the belief that Allaah would be in a direction is blasphemy. And now in this article we have Imam al-Kawthari  who died 60 years ago, and who clearly denounces the blasphemous statements contained in books which have been reprinted recently by some misguided groups. Would a misguided group with a kufr belief not be considered a misguided group anymore due to the fact that it now owns a lot of oil? Does that now make its belief correct?  It does not, and this proves that what Imam Ibn al-Jawzi and Imam Ibn al-Qushayri said 800 and 900 years ago has indeed turned out to be true, i.e. that laymen have fallen for dubious arguments of the misguided factions due to the lack of warning. However what has always been considered as blasphemy for more than 1000 years (as this website demonstrates) does not suddenly deserve to not be called kufr anymore just because time has lapsed!  This is absolutely impossible, and Imam al-Kawthari has expressed this very clearly.

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