Who are the Jahmiyyah? Answered by Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi

Title page of al-Farq bayna l-FiraqPage 199 of al-Farq bayna l-Firaq by al-BaghdadiPage 200 of al-Farq bayna l-Firaq by al-Baghdadi

Imam Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi, in his book on the various sects, has made a list of the beliefs of the Jahmiyyah (in al-Farq bayna l-Firaq, pages 199-200):

‘The Jahmiyyah are the followers of Jahm Ibn Safwaan, who said that humans are forced to do what they do and denied all ability to humans. He claimed that Paradise and Hell will end. He also claimed that faith only comprises knowledge of Allah, whereas blasphemy only comprises not knowing Him [i.e. His existence]. He said that no one does anything except Allah, and that humans are said to have actions only as a figure of speech, in the same way one says that ‘the sun passed its zenith’ or the ‘mill turned’, without any actual real action or ability from them. He also claimed that Allah’s knowledge has a beginning, and prevented people from saying that Allah is attributed with Life, Knowledge or Will. He abstained from saying that Allah is a shay’ [even though this is mentioned in the Qur’an] or that He is ‘Hayy‘ or Alim or Murid. He said ‘I don’t attribute to Him an adjective that can be used for others, such as shay’, or Hayy or Alim or Murid and what is similar to this’.  He used to accept to say that He has power, brings into existence, acts, creates, gives life and death, because only He has these attributes. He also claimed that Allah’s attribute of speech has a beginning, as the Qadariyyah sect did, and refused to say that Allah speaks [which is yet another misguidance] Our companions said he was a blasphemer for all his deviances, and the Qadariyyah said he was an infidel for his claim that Allah creates the acts of humans; therefore the various groups of the community said that he was a Kaafir.’ [end of quote by al-Baghdadi]

Points to remember:

  • Imam Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi died in 429 after the Hijra, i.e.  more than a 1000 years ago, therefore his reaction has not been triggered by recent events or debates in the community.
  • His book al-Farq bayna l-Firaq is specifically on the 73 groups. Here he describes one misguided group: the Jahmiyyah (or Jahmis).
  • See for yourself what the Jahmis really were. There is absolutely no way they can be equated in any shape or form to the Ash’aris, contrary to what some slanderous people have said. The Ash’aris are not Jahmis at all!

2 Responses to “Who are the Jahmiyyah? Answered by Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi”

  1. I tried so hard to find fault in the manhaj of the Salaf, but the more I look for contradictions in the methodology and beliefs of the Salafis, the more I am convinced that the way of the Salaf is the right path and a guiding light for those who seek for the truth and abandon falsehood.

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