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Title page of al-Farq bayna l-Firaq from al-Baghdadi

Imam Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi narrates the Consensus of the Muslims on the fact that God exists without a place

In his book al-Farq bayna l-Firaq, Imam Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi said (p.333 of the edition used on the left-hand side and  page 321 of the edition on the right-hand side): [The people of  Ahlu s-Sunnah] have unanimously agreed on the fact that Allah is not contained in a place and that He is not subject […]

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Who are the Jahmiyyah? Answered by Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi

Imam Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi, in his book on the various sects, has made a list of the beliefs of the Jahmiyyah (in al-Farq bayna l-Firaq, pages 199-200): ‘The Jahmiyyah are the followers of Jahm Ibn Safwaan, who said that humans are forced to do what they do and denied all ability to humans. He claimed […]

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Title page of Ithaf al-Kainat

Fatwa of the scholars of al-Azhar on the one who believes that God is in a place

To read the whole fatwa in Arabic in PDF format click here. Here is the translation of this important fatwa which has been written by Imam Abu Muhammad Mahmud ibn Muhammad ibn Khattab as-Subki al-Azhari in his book: Ithaf al-Kaainaat bi-bayaan as-salaf wa l-khalaf fi-l mutashabihaat, page 2: READ CAREFULLY WHAT HE SAID IN 1931 […]

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