I want to help!

As-salamu alaykum

FIRST OF ALL: thank you very much for having clicked on that page.

BaarakALLAAHU feekum, we are really moved to see that you want to help. There are many ways to achieve this!!

Do not think that you are too far, and that you cannot do anything! It’s quite the opposite! From where you are you can do MANY THINGS. It all depends if you want to help advertising the website or developing its content.

To help get the word out about this website, you can:

  • leave the address https://sunnism.wordpress.com as your status in one or several or your Social Media tools such as Facebook. You can also like an article you are particularly interested in, so that your friends can get the opportunity to read it too.
  • You can also send an email out to the friends you think might be interested in it.
  • If you possess a blog or a website, you could add a link to this website too!

To help develop the site:

  • If you own material that you would like us to include in the website, that’s perfect. You just need to send your documents to this email address: Email address. Feel free to send the translation of the passage you are interested in too.
  • If you do not own any material in Arabic, but you have some references that you think are worth investigating then: write to us! You can leave a message at the bottom of this page, or you can write to us on the email address mentioned above. If we find the book matching your references then we might be able to add this information to the site.
  • Now, if you do not own original material and you have no references, but you heard of a statement of a scholar and you would like to see it showcased on the website then do not lose hope! Do write to us and we’ll do our best. Again either via the contact form or via email.

Finally, if you have any idea that could help develop the site further, by exploring different avenues, do write to us, we are open-minded. We want to make that website even better and we are in need of advice, suggestions, and comments.

Here is a form for you to write to us. Hopefully we will hear from you soon in sha Allah!