Imam an-Nawawi explains that delaying the embracing of Islam of a non-Muslim is blasphemy

Cover page Rawdat at-TaalibeenInterior title of Rawdat at-Taalibeen by an-Nawawi page 7Nawawi Riddah Rawdat at-Taalibeen page 289

Imam an-Nawawi said, in his book Rawdat at-Taalibeen, volume 7 page 289:

If a non-Muslim asks a Muslim to be invited into Islam, and that [Muslim] says  ‘We’ll see’, or ‘Wait until tomorrow‘, or if this non-Muslim asks a person delivering a speech to be invited to Islam, and that person answers ‘Sit until the end of the gathering‘, he came out of Islam.

Points à retenir de cette citation:

  • Imam an-Nawawi died in 676 after Hijrah, i.e. more than 700 years ago.  He was from Nawa, a village approximately 80km away from Damascus. He was a Shafi‘ i scholar and wrote several  jurisprudence manuals in this school.  The book Rawdat at-Taalibeen, from which this quote is taken, is one of those fiqh books. It comprises 8 volumes. The chapter dealing with apostasy (i.e. what takes a person out of Islam) spans 21 pages, from page 283 till 304.
  • He is the author of “The Gardens of the Righteous” (Riyaad as-Saaliheen) and the collection of 40 hadiths which is so well-known nowadays. He has always been considered as a great scholar.
  • Here he explains that  delaying the embracing of Islam of a non-Muslim, for example by asking him to come back the following day, or even by asking him to wait until the end of a speech because the person is busy, is blasphemy (kufr).
  • Therefore beware of those who, nowadays, send back home the non-Muslims who come to the Mosque to embrace Islam, by telling them for example that the imam is away, or that they need to take a bath beforehand, or that they need to fetch witnesses, or to take time out to reflect some more time first, wa l-iyaadhu billaahCan any of us imagine that the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, would have sent back home a non-Muslim who has expressedly say he wants to embrace Islam but who does not know how to do it? By saying things like ‘Are you sure?’, or ‘Go read such and such book first, or ‘Wait a minute I’m busy right now’? Those who do so do the exact OPPOSITE  of why Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam was sent, and that is why this makes them come out of Islam. Thus, if you know someone who says to you ‘I want to embrace Islam, what should I do?’, then it becomes compulsory to order that person to utter the testifications of Faith, i.e. ‘I testify that no one is god except God, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God’.
  • Here we are talking about the one who want to EMBRACE Islam, we are not talking about someone who only wants some information on Islam, or who says ‘Im interested in knowing more about Islam’, as for if you say to such a person ‘Let’s me later on this evening for a class on Islam it would not take you out of Islam. Rather, we are talking about the one who has clearly expressed to us his desire to EMBRACE Islam but does not know how to go about it. This person we MUST ask him/her to testify without any delay.

One Response to “Imam an-Nawawi explains that delaying the embracing of Islam of a non-Muslim is blasphemy”

  1. Subhan Allah..There is always more to learn..Thank you so much for this information, Barak Allahu Fikk..

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