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Cover of al-Bidayah wan n-Nihayah by Ibn Kathir

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal interprets the verse ‘Wa ja’a Rabbuka’ (narrated by Ibn Kathir)

Ibn Kathir narrates the interpretation of imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. He says, in the volume 10 of al-Bidayah wa n-Nihayah, p.327 : “Al-Bayhaqi narrates from al-Hakim who took it from Amr ibn as-Sammaak, who took it from Hanbal, that Ahmad ibn Hanbal interpreted the saying of Allah ‘wa jaa’a Rabbuka‘ by saying that it ‘His […]

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Title page of Ithaf al-Kainat

Fatwa of the scholars of al-Azhar on the one who believes that God is in a place

To read the whole fatwa in Arabic in PDF format click here. Here is the translation of this important fatwa which has been written by Imam Abu Muhammad Mahmud ibn Muhammad ibn Khattab as-Subki al-Azhari in his book: Ithaf al-Kaainaat bi-bayaan as-salaf wa l-khalaf fi-l mutashabihaat, page 2: READ CAREFULLY WHAT HE SAID IN 1931 […]

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