Ibn al-Jawzi (the great Hanbali scholar) declares the anthropomorphists as disbelievers

Title page of daf shubah at-Tashbih by Ibn al-JawziPage 66 of Daf Shubah at-Tashbih by Ibn al-Jawzi

In his book Daf’ Shubah at-tashbih, he says, towards the end, page 66, after having denounced the wrong understanding of the Mushabbihah of his times (i.e. the anthropomorphists; those who make Allah resemble His creations):

‘May the one who believes in this [i.e. all the anthropomorphistic beliefs (attributing organs to Allah) he has denounced throughout his book] be cursed, because he confirmed a created body to Allah. These are not Muslim.

Points to remember:

  • Ibn al-Jawzi died in 597 after the Hijrah i.e. more than 800 years ago. He was A GREAT HANBALI SCHOLAR. Already at his time, there were people who were saying exactly what the so-called Salafi of nowadays (who also claim to be Hanbalis) say about Allah, and look at what he concluded at the end of his book on this issue: that those who believe in this are not Muslims.
  • There are other extracts of his book on this website.

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