The judgement of the scholars of the Salaf : believing ALLAH is in a direction is blasphemy (kufr) (reported by Ali al-Qari)

Page de titre de Mirqat al-MichkatLa page 300 de ce livre

In his commentary entitled  Mirqat al-Mafatih, Sharh Mishkat al-Masaabih vol.3 p.300, he says:

“A whole group of them [i.e.of the Salaf] as well as of the Khalaf scholars [i.e. the era that followed that of the Salaf, until now], said:

“The one who believes in a direction [for Allah] is a blasphemer (kafir), as has been clearly narrated by al-Iraqi when he said “This is the saying of Abu Hanifah, Malik, Ash-Shafii, al-‘Ashari and al-Baqillani””

Points to remember from this quote:

  • Imam ‘Ali al-Qari died in 1014 after the Hijrah, i.e. more than  400 years ago (and therefore well before the birth of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab who was born in 1115 AH).
  • It is the scholar who commented al-Fiqh al-Akbar by Abu Hanifah, he is a pillar of knowledge, a very famous Hanafi scholar. He used to live in Makkah and this is  where he taught and where he died (he was born in what is  today known as Afghanistan).

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